Face reading

Using knowledge from the art of face reading to your advantage

In order to be able to advise you even more individually, we read your facial features according to the science of physiognomics by Carl Huter


Psycho-physiognomics is a system developed by Carl Huter (1861-1912), which combines biology and psychology with the respective body forms and the corresponding charisma

Its aim is to make the language of the human face understandable as an expression of the soul

Karl F. Haug Verlag Stuttgart

…use it to your own advantage

Learn to recognise your talents and dispositions on the basis of your facial features in order to use them efficiently and meaningfully for yourself

With the combination of the knowledge of physiognomy and colour psychology, we will create a concept for you, how you can shape your environment positively and profitably for yourself

“Style is the physiognomy of the mind”

Arthur Schopenhauer

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