Interior design

Get the best out of your room

with an individual design, the right furnishings and harmonious colours

Living room

In order to equip the room best way possible and design the furnishings to match your character traits, we use our knowledge of face reading so that we get the most suitable design tailor made for you

In order to create a relaxing atmosphere, we also use the knowledge of colour psychology

We will find the right combinations for you to turn your home into a gem

Sales area

Our goal is to make your showroom suitable internally or externally, modern and customer-friendly

Together we create a uniform, open and friendly sales area , which includes a customer management plan that helps the customer to orientate faster and assures that the customer will be exposed to everything

This approach will generate more sales!

Entrance area

The first impression counts, it is the reflection of your performance!

Thanks to a friendly first impression, more trust and thus more customers will be won and retained

The guest should feel comfortable, so that they can fully look forward to the upcoming meeting with you


Does your office suit you?

Colours also influence you and the efficiency in your company

With colours that’s suitable for you , you can perform noticeably better by feeling more comfortable, being able to concentrate better and be less distracted

“Consciously combine colour harmonies and details in the interior”

Loranne Manetsch

Would you like something new?

Are you tired of your current facility, would like to create a new atmosphere with relevant changes?

Together we choose colours that support you in your personality and give your room new life

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