Visual Merchandising

Make the appearance, modern and customer-friendly!

The conscious placement of sales items makes a BIG difference!


A uniform retail space with planned customer guidance helps the customer to gain orientation faster and ensures that the customer is led everywhere!

POS (Point of sales)

A regularly and individually renewed point of sales helps you to generate additional sales and repeatedly attracts your customers to this point

Store window

Support your first impression with an expressive appearance!

We design your shop window to suit your customers


Do you want to shine in new splendour at the next exhibition?

We plan and create, thanks to our experience and network, we consciously implement and improve your appearance

If you want to affect other people, you first have to talk to them in their language

Kurt Tucholsky

Would you like something new?

Are you tired of your current facility, would like to create a new atmosphere with relevant changes?

Together we choose colours that support you in your personality and give your room new life

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We are a young company that implements your ideas with passion

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